The true Bottomless Armageddon

by Blackdeath (as Black Draugwath)



Recorded in February 1997 in Sound Line Studio, mastered in October 2002 by Malkira Eskhanth (from the French Black Metal band Osculum Infame). CD-version was released by the Dutch label Heidens Hart Records in 2013.


released February 19, 1997

Abysslooker - guitars, vocals
Para Bellum - bass



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Blackdeath Saint Petersburg, Russia

Blackdeath was founded back in 1995 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The line-up has changed since the foundation and for the latest several years it consists of Abysslooker (guitar) and Colonel Para Bellum (vocals and bass) and Polar Maya (drums). Blackdeath plays Apocalyptic Black Metal exclusively. ... more

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Track Name: Baphomet
The Empire of Baphomet
The Cold Call of Baphomet

Cry of flesh and spirit
Eternal pleasure and pain
Land of endless Fire and Ice
Timeless Baphomet’s Dominion

Deep in the Ocean and
Over the Heavens and Stars
I feel His breath and His odour
And answer the Call

The Empire of Baphomet
The Cold Call of Baphomet

Obey Baphomet
Obey Baphomet
Track Name: The Falling of Gold Jerusalem
I hear the virgin’s squeals from below
Just men’s moan echoes
Through the Ice Vacuum
In Darkness I see the cracking pearl
And flows of melted gold around
The twelve gates were blown up by Fire
By Fire from Hell, by Fire of Death
Wings of Satan covered the Abyss
Of Cosmic Chaos

There is no Second Death for Beast and Hell
In Burning Universe
The seven angels are condemned
To Eternal Death by Court of Dead
Three Demonic Spirits and Kings of the Earth
Extol the Victory

Menstruating tree of life is turned into ash
Its leaves will never heal the peoples
Ridiculous cubic city is only past now
And its name will be forgotten
Track Name: Dominus' Dusk Hammer
Titanic Hammer is raised above you

Dusk light heralds
Darkness of Black Metal mass
In the Abyss of Universe,
Where stars are never born,
This Hammer was forged by those
Who had risen above the gods
It is destined for Master,
For Dark Overman

Oh! Destruction!
Domination is over each and all
Bend the knee and think away
Your follies and pride
Because this Power is higher than
Your fucking understanding

Titanic Hammer is raised above you

Nobody will overlive
World on world falls in nothing
This is beauty
It’s worth seeing…

On and on I look into the Abyss
And the Abyss looks into me
My Emperor
Lowers His hammer

Oh! Devastation! Supervision is over each and all
The noise from heaven bursts my eardrums
My frightened mind is beating in the cranium
I can’t lower my head
I’m paralyzed by this greatness

I wait…
Track Name: The Black Snow / Dance of the Red Donkey
The white snow is one from the Heaven
The Black snow is one from the Hell
The white snow is frozen water… Life!
The Black snow is volcanic ash… Death!
Cold snow is falling upon the Earth
Hot snow is falling upon the one
Black breathless steam is birthed by them
It is rising to Heaven with poison of Hate

Volcano which is everywhere
Destroy all flesh with their Earth
Volcano which is Apocalypse
Kill their good shepherd again
Death from the Black Underground
Come here with Darkness and Chaos
With streams of the blasting lava
With fall of Black snow

I see the snow, the Black snow
The Time of Last Battle, the Time of Black Snow

["Dance of the Red Donkey" is instrumental part of the track
The Red Donkey is a symbol of Seth]
Track Name: Seven Towers of Satan
Seven Peaks of Satanic Power
Seven Gates of Godless Hell
By power and fire You fettered the world
All Earth is Your foundation
The face of Moon is seen from Your tops
You are so old, You are so great
O Seven Towers of Satan!

Dead Warriors for whom war will never end
Hungry Demons for whom the Fire is eternal
They wait for Your command to blast the peace
O Seven Towers of Satan!

Seven Peaks of Satanic Power
Seven Gates of Godless Hell
Dark Arch from Niger to Ural
Poles of Evil which remember the future

Power doesn’t stop growing
Hagseeds raise from the holes
Light is sucked in by
Seven Towers of Satan

[Based on René Guénon's knowledge]
Track Name: Apocalyptic Dream
I dreamt that I worshiped the Wind
Four spouts rushed at me
And I reached forth my arms towards them
Bewitching sounds rang from under the ground
And Demons and Witches whispered me that
I’d never wake up

[Based on Abysslooker's dream]