Recorded rehearsal in Spring 1995 in Killall Studio.


released April 4, 1995

Abysslooker - guitar
Nightshadow - vocals



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Blackdeath Saint Petersburg, Russia

Blackdeath was founded back in 1995 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The line-up has changed since the foundation and for the latest several years it consists of Abysslooker (guitar) and Colonel Para Bellum (vocals and bass) and Polar Maya (drums). Blackdeath plays Apocalyptic Black Metal exclusively. ... more

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Track Name: Journey to the Throne of Darkside
In Silence I stand on the frozen ground
Holding the Blacksword of Ice
Raising the Wand through the Rage of Wind
My soul travels the worlds
Beyond Reality
I hear the Song of Funeral Storms
I enter the Gates of Shadowlands
Into the Realm of Winterfog
Back to Darkside
Where my soul was born
Thus my Journey begins
I fly on the Winds of Time
The Red Flame shines in my eyes
And melds with the Light of the Stars
With the pale Fire of Pentagram
With the Darkness of Night
With the Blaze in the Northern Sky
With the Coldness of Iced Woods
With the Ghostly Candles of the Dead
With the Beams of Northern Moon
I hail the Northern Pride
The Pride of Ancient Ones
The Pride of those who were
The Wolves, the Children of Night
I summon my Brothers in the Northern Land
We are the Lords of Stone and Wind
We'll reclaim our Thrones of Ice
We shall ride with the Pagan Hordes
Into the glorious Battles
Into the Rage of the War
My Journey ended
At the Throne of Shadowlands
The Shadows heard my Cry
And met me at the Gates
With the darkest Flame inside
I ride back to Kill and Rule
With the Power of my Darkest Pride
With the Might of my Ancient Evil
I became Undead this Night
Baptized in the sea of christian blood
"I cry with funeral choir
The Hymn of Enormous Frost
In the Ancient Northern Land
In my elder Nordic Heart"
Track Name: Riders of the Wind
Earth is descending into the last eve
Night approaches as the Sun fades away
Winds cry mournfully in the Forests of North
The blind eye of Full Moon
Rise upon the Storms
The sky turns black on the East
And on the West it becomes bloodred
This time thou can see the Riders of the Wind
Once I was one of them but now I am dead
Ages ago I also rode on the Wind
Upon the deadly Blackfog
On the Storming Clouds
I beheld the mortals hided in their homes
I laughed and they was thinking it was Thunder
I raised the Sword to the gleam of the risen Moon
And touched with my Spear
The Corpse of Fading Sun
My eyes shined coldly,
The mortals were thinking those were Stars
Now only my memories are left
Inside the Stone Coffin
Once I was the being
Mortals call "God"
Now I am a victim in Hell of my Memories
I lie entombed under obsidian lid
The mile-height mountain is my Tombstone
But yet I hear the Evening Call
Of those who bring the Night
Coffin holds me
Mountain covers me
My torture is Endless
I scream from my Abyss
And the world shall die
When I'll break my chains...